external Communication

On Communication, That Works
The external PR is a wide field of activity: It extends over your existing customers, your potential business partners, your regional public, over the press - as regional or national dailies, national or international specialised and economic press, as opinion-leading magazines or radio and television, and over all interested people in the whole world. For the dialogue with these groups Fricke PR offers to you the effective PR measures and instruments.

Publications, Which Convince
Business reports and image flyers are important printed media to keep shareholders or customers informed about your business development and to inform them about your competence. Also, any additional publications, such as a publication of books on the occasion of a company anniversary, are extremely suitable for this purpose. In co-operation with experienced graphic artists, Fricke PR will develop the layout of similar printed matter, will draft the text and will carry out the final editing. Our counterparts from the printing sector will land the final fine finishing to everything.

Fricke PR Will Introduce You to Media
The regular media work is a substantial stronghold of the efficient corporate communication. Fricke PR shall prepare for you a differentiated list of media, separated into local and regional dailies, national and international specialised and economic press, as well as radio and television. We shall regularly send to these addresses your press information related to news in the company, as well as figures, products and services. We shall raise your chances for publication by a purposeful follow-up. At your request, we shall organise interviews with editors of the media relevant for you and shall organise your press conferences. The separate publications shall be evaluated by us in order to check the PR success, archived, and then provided to you on a monthly and annual basis under the form of informational documentation.

Future Through Presence in the Internet
The Internet turns more and more in a communications platform, which is crucial for the economic success of a company. Nobody could take the liberty to ignore this media or simply just integrate its conventional printed matter in the web in the way it is. Fricke PR will design the concept of your attention-catching, interactive appearance in the Internet in co-operation with competent screen and web designers. In order to maintain you page interesting, we shall take over the maintenance of data and their constant updating.

Communicate Your Competence to Your Customers!
The customer magazine is the ideal media to present the competence of a company in the right aspect, to keep the customers informed about important news and thus involve them for a long term. It shall inform about new products and/or services, important staff changes and the latest trends in the branch; entertainment aspects should not be ignored as well. For the basic concept of the magazine and for the graphic layout of each issue, Fricke PR is working together with competent graphic and layout designers. Fricke PR undertakes, in close co-operation with the customer, the topic research, the text drafting and the final editing. The production of each separate issue shall be entrusted to our partners of many years in the printing sector.

Establishment of Trust in Crisis Situations
Each enterprise could fall into a crisis at any time. Then not only immediate financial loss is threatening, but - what is not of less importance - loss of trust and reliability on behalf of the society, which might damage the company balance in a long term..

However, it is not necessary to reach there by all means! Fricke PR will develop for you strategic crisis communication plan in the sense of crisis prevention PR. If a crisis occurs anyway, we shall support you in accordance with the principles of the reactive crisis communication in the work of trust establishment in the society during and after the crisis.

Measurable Success
Attractive fair stand shall not mean successful participation in fairs. Even before the fair, Fricke PR shall carry out efficient public relations in order to attract customers and journalists to your stand. During the fair, we shall get journalists acquainted with your company, your products and services - at a special press conference, if requested. Besides that, we take the care about the after-fair report in a great detail.