internal Communication

Employee Motivation Through Internal PR
The internal PR is directed towards company employees. As directly involved, and thus especially reliable multipliers, to a great extent they build up the company image on site; however, unfortunately they seldom have a professional approach. All company’s measures for building and expanding the confidence of those parts of the public, which are important for it, may be ruined by badly informed, unsatisfied employees, who feel they have been taken for granted. That is why the public relations activities should start with internal PR.

More Success Through Stronger Identification with Your Company
Fricke PR understands the company ideal as dynamic process, which is run by all hierarchical levels of a company. In groups, the employees discuss issues related to the sense and the purpose of the company and for the value of each one in it. The ideal arising in this way shall be fixed in writing and becomes the more binding for the staff, the stronger employees are involved in this process. The employees, who feel that they are not taken for granted, are more deeply convinced in the sense of their work, their productivity increases, and the time when they are absent from work, drastically decreases. Fricke PR supports companies in the preparation of catalogues and documentations, necessary for discussion groups and, if willing, moderates these meetings.

A Communication Forum Only for Your Employee
By the employee magazine, you will establish a forum for your staff, which will be dedicated only to them. The greater number of colleagues is involved in the employee magazine, the more successful it is.

Fricke PR offers support in the preparation of the basic concept and the graphic design of the magazine. In close co-operation with an editorial team in your company - in whose editorial meetings we would happily take part, upon your request - we shall help in the research of topics, the drafting of texts and the final editing. We shall leave the production of the magazine to our long-term partners from the printing sector.

Updated Communication Platform for Your Staff
The message board is another tested means to keep employees informed. It is similar to the Internet sites: if it is not constantly updated, all interest on behalf of the staff shall be lost quickly.

Fricke PR will support you in the establishment of a reasonable message board concept. Making a joint tour around your enterprise, we shall find together the optimal places. Besides that, we shall be happy to prepare the updated messages for this efficient means of communication.